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What is 10 days Money Back Guarantee Promo?

We are pleased to give you extra 10 days to make sure the product you purchased meets your expectation. If, for any reasons, you are not satisfied with the product, we will fully refund your money.

logo moneyback orori
How to get 10 Day Money Back Guarantee promo?
  1. Choose one of our Diamond and Gold Jewelry products, and complete your order process
  2. This promo is only applicable for payment process using debit card or cash transfer payment method. The promo does not support for the installment and credit card payment method.
  3. You get 10 days, since receiving the product you purchased,, to return it
  4. Keep your order and delivery receipt number. Our Customer Support will ask you to show or attach these numbers when returning the product.
  5. UWe will give you a product receipt for you who choose to use our courier service. Show or attach that receipt and your order number when returning the product
  6. When we already receive your order number, you can send us back the product your purchased. You have a full responsibility of shipping cost and product assurance. You can also return the product directly to ORORI office

    Kindly send the product to the following address:
    PT. ORORI Indonesia Gedung Abdul Muis 46, Jalan Abdul Muis no. 46 Jakarta Pusat – 10160 Indonesia
  7. We will inform you when we already receive the product
  8. To check the product’s condition, we need one (1) till two (2) working days
  9. If the conditions are appropriate with the terms and conditions, we will process full refund. This will take two (2) till three (3) working days.
  10. If the product’s conditions are not eligible (view Return Policy), we will send you a notice. You won’t get a refund and we will send it back to you
How to prepare product return?

Pack the product. We suggest you to use the original package materials. For a security reason, do not write “ORORI” on the outside of the box. We also recommend you to ensure the product shipping assurance or you can return it directly to ORORI Office.

logo moneyback orori
Please kindly remember, the product return guarantee is not applicable under these conditions:
  1. If you return the product more than 10 (ten) days since you receive it
  2. The product had been repaired or resized
  3. The product is already broken or has a flaw
  4. Semua produk Wedding Rings (termasuk Signature Series), Loose Diamond, Gold Bar, Alphabet Pendant, Kotak Perhiasan dan Pembersih Perhiasan.
  5. The product payment method was an installment, credit card program or kredivo
  6. Product has been used before.
  7. You cannot exchange it with the same or different product.

Need help? You can contact us on Monday till Saturday from 09.00 am to 09.00 pm by phone call at (021) 3500-452, sending an email to [email protected] or chat via live chat with our sales representative on ORORI web.

Address: PT. ORORI Indonesia Gedung Abdul Muis 46 Jalan Abdul Muis No. 46 Jakarta Pusat – 10160 Indonesia

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